Preschool & Kindergarten

Building blocks of how to be a student, social skills, good habits, and fun!

I can!

Elizabeth Domoney

I can! is a fascinating opportunity for teachers of young children. It opens a window of learning and helps children see that there is more than one way of viewing the world.

I can! Provides teachers with innovative and clear materials within a well-structured program.

I can! enables children to acquire the language while engaging in age-appropriate developmental activities. The series aims to help children do things independently, as well as work together in groups.

I can! aims to foster a positive attitude towards language and learning in general. It contains a balanced program of activities that promotes skills development and that teach the whole child—socially, cognitively, and artistically.

With I can! students will:

  • begin developing early reading comprehension skills through the Literature Kit

  • engage in multiple intelligence activities

  • do four-part projects to consolidate the concepts taught in each unit

Published with Richmond

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I can do math!


I Can Do Math! is an engaging three level series designed to introduce preschool learners to the world of mathematics. Varied activities develop students abilities and allow them to communicate and respond to basic mathematical concepts in the English language.

Published with Richmond

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