Just Phonics

Catherine Morgan and Marie Westlake

Just Phonics provides a multi-sensory, spiral approach to learning phonics.  The infant books emphasize the formation as well as the sound of each phoneme, so children can recognize the shape of each sound. Blending of CVC words is introduced as soon as half of the sounds in the alphabet are known, so children can quickly begin to see how sounds combine to make words.

There is a range of creative sound recognition activities and reading exercises in Just Phonics. These activities are in consistent format which promote pupil confidence and aid independent learning. There is a self-assessment section at the end of each activity. There are revision opportunities and comprehensive assessments at the end of each book.


  • Early Years (3-5): Graded auditory discrimination activities, incorporated fairy tales, nursery rhymes, everyday sounds, musical instruments, body percussion, rhyming sounds, and initial letter sounds.

  • Junior Infants 1: Introduction to the 26 sounds.

  • Junior Infants 2: Introduction to the 42 sounds.

  • Senior Infants: Revision and extension of the 42 sounds, initial consonant blends, final consonant blends, common word families, compound words.

Published with Deirdre Whelan

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