Arts and Crafts

Key Arts and Crafts

Primary, 6 levels, American & British English 

Covers all the key content areas for the arts curriculum from grades 1 to 6.

Key Arts & Crafts gives young learners an enjoyable route into English, with themes that become more complex through the levels. From My Body, Animals, and Landscapes, to The Start of a New Era, Art Geniuses, and Advancing in Time, Key Arts & Crafts follows the changing interests and skills of your students.

The series supports both successful learning and teaching through:

  • An emphasis on communication

  • Clearly structured progression

  • Constant recycling and consolidation

  • A variety of activity types


Additional resources, including multimedia:

  • Digital books for interactive whiteboards at every level
  • Downloadable holiday worksheets

Published with University of Dayton 

Drawing and Painting

Primary, 6 levels, British English

It is a six-level course in Art taught through English for young learners (primary stage). It presents the concepts of the subject area and develops basic skills in English, helping learners to explore art and develop valuable skills of self-expression. It has motivating topics about people and their relation with environment, landscapes, nature and society. 

Key Features:  

  •  Cyclical syllabus offering plenty of revision and extension opportunities 

  •  Picture dictionary pages with vocabulary stickers 

  •  2D & 3D construction projects with punch-out parts 

  •  Chants and rhymes for language fun 

  •  Integrated holiday activities and crafts


Drawing and Painting explores a broad selection of art concepts through English and provides progress in both subject areas whilst also helping students develop valuable skills of self-expression

Published with Richmond Education


Visual Arts

Visual Arts is a series for secondary school grades. It is a theory and practice-based approach to learn artistic techniques. 

Key Features:  

The course presents content through examples of the real world. Students study the cases and learn artistic techniques through a range of activiti es. 

Eye-catching images accompany content that is drawn from the real world a nd presented in context, in order to motivate students and e nsur e a meaningful learning process. 

Alternating theory and practice. 

Students learn theory on one side of each double page a and apply it on the other. 


It based on CLIL – Content and Language Integrated Learning – approach. Content is introduced through questions and scenarios that students can relate to. There is a term reference section at the back of the book that summarizes all of the artistic techniques that the students have mastered, for easy reference and language support and other activities where language is a medium to reach 

 Components per level  

  • Student’s book  

  • Teacher’s book  

  • Basic competences booklets 

  • Art appreciation Booklet 

Published with University of Dayton