With a vision of

making learning accessible for all 

We are a young enterprise of dedicated professionals.

We aspire to be your one-stop solutions provider of teaching and learning in the Middle East and Africa.

We service educators, learners, employers, and governments. Our capabilities include combining world-class educational content, powered by services and technology, to help achieve more effective teaching and personalized learning.

Our products and services span through print and digital learning resources, skills training content, fiction and non-fiction stories, materials for self-study and reference, and professional training for educators. We work to collaborate, to contribute for outcomes in your education endeavors. 

We innovate toward addressing the needs and requirements of our customers, an inclusive learning environment, equal opportunity, and community reach. Teacher and learner wellbeing is our priority.

Our Strategic Model
We provide a global selection of resources with flexibility to find the best tailored solution for your education needs and requirements. We aim to provide culturally relevant resources and learning materials to match with the standards and regulations of your institution.

Our Partners
To shape the future of learning, we collaborate with a diversified group of partners from around the world. We choose our partners with great care, ensuring that they are the most competent and reliable.

Social Responsibility
With our presence in two continents, we are conscious of a wider impact of a business in a society. We carry out a range of charitable activities and make every effort in our power to make learning and education inclusive and accessible.
Establishing partnerships with organizations that share our values enables us to positively impact the communities in which we operate.

Inclusive Access
We strive to make ourselves within your reach through a wide range of activities. Education Media is available in major conventions near you as a sponsor and a contributor, at your fingertips online with webinars and other activities for professional and learner development, networking, and support. We hope to meet you and offer many ways of free access to resources for better teaching and learning for all.

We are committed to the highest standards of integrity and to the value of business to human wellbeing. We uphold our relationship with you and endeavor to make it honest and open. We aspire to be your solutions provider by servicing you in compliance with the culture, customs, laws and regulations of each country in which we do business.