Your One-stop Reliable Education Gateway

E-media is a one-stop educational solutions provider in the MENA Region specializing in education and publishing.

Our educational services encompass co-publishing, teacher training, student engagement, rich and interactive resources and learning systems.

We also provide schools with innovative, inspirational and dynamic learning solutions that emphasize student engagement making the learning process more enjoyable.


Values and Beliefs

We believe in the power of synergy among stakeholders to unify & attain our common goals.

We encourage a culture of innovation, which facilitates the employment of new technologies and ensures a high-quality product that leads to effective results and customer satisfaction.

We believe that learning is the fundamental requisite for ensuring the new generation has the required tools, knowledge and skills for the future.


To be the lead provider of innovative, culturally appropriate educational services in Egypt and the Middle East.


We seek to maintain quality and professionalism through our excelling publishing products and educational services.

We focus on finding solutions for gaps in the education sector and to keep up with the fast-growing needs of our stakeholders.



We offer a wide range of digital and print educational resources for ELT, National, American and British schools from kindergarten to Grade 12, as well as university learners in different languages and fields.

To offer teachers and students a fun journey of education,
we focus on technology development, arts and crafts and more skill-driven programs.

Our extensive digital products and services ensures the enhancement of students’ physical and cognitive skills.

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E-media team is passionate about learning & education, which drives our commitment to work together with a large number of international publishers, supported with our vast range of educational services and resources for national and international schools, institutes, training centers as well as universities and colleges.

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